Pizza Hut Malaysia

Generally, many people assume that extra time will have to be spent training and supervising a person with a disability. However in reality there is no major difference between hiring PWDs and non-disabled people. Since the company started to employ persons with disabilities we have been able to widen the pool of recruits, which is especially useful where the skills pool is limited or employees are in short supply.

PWDs can be as productive and reliable as other employees, they tend to have better attendance records, stay with employers longer and have fewer accidents at work. Staff morale and team development are enhanced when businesses are seen to be equal – opportunity employers.

It was a win –win situation by accommodating persons with disabilities, the company tend to be supported more and are more appealing to all consumers and stakeholders.
It has seen an improvement in our public image. Hiring persons with disabilities shows that the company pursues both economic and social objectives and, therefore, embraces and practices corporate social responsibility