Benefits for OKUs

Allowance from the Government to employed OKU

Disabled workers’ allowance (Elaun Pekerja Cacat [EPC] in Bahasa Malaysia) :-
Any employed PWDs whose monthly wage is RM 1200 and below is eligible to apply EPC (RM300/month).

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Other benefits from the Government

The Department of PWDs (DDPWDs) under the Department of Social Welfare Malaysia (DSW) provides a list of services to the disabled as stated in the table.

  1. Special aids
  2. Entrepreneur fund (RM2700)
  3. Disabled workers allowance (RM 300 for employees who gain less than RM1200 monthly)
  4. Disability allowance (RM150)
  5. Allowance for CBR clients (RM150)
  6. Allowance for personal assistants (RM300)
  7. Vocational rehabilitation centre
  8. Residential institutions (7)
  9. Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR)
  10. Sheltered workshop
  11. Counseling
  12. School education
  13. Allowance for disabled students (RM150)
  14. Income tax exemption (including parents of PWDs)
  15. Other tax exemptions (driving license, equipments, etc) *1
  16. Discount of public transportation *2
  17. Priority in low income housing
  18. Reduction of medical fee (public hospitals/clinics)
  19. Reduction of fees (government: e.g., passport)
  20. Job placement/matching
  21. Income tax exemption (vehicles)
  22. Allowance for parents of children with disabilities (RM 300, and/or tax exemption)
  23. Reduction of fees (private: e.g., telephone, internet, by Telekom Malaysia)

*1:wheelchair, prosthesis, etc
*2:Railway, Bus, Coaches, LRT, Malaysia Airline

Source: DSW

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