Job Coach

What is Job Coach (JC)?
JC is not mere “coach” in its narrow sense such as trainer for PWDs. Role of JC is to be a bridge or intermediary to connect PWDs and companies by providing supports for both of them throughout the process of employment. Some says, JC is a temporal “interpreter” to connect PWDs and companies who could not “communicate” well.

What are the service provided by Job Coach?
Job Coaching Services and Benefits to Businesses and Persons with Disabilities.
Job Coaches supports both the person with disability as well as the employers.
These are the primary key features of Job Coach Service. Hiring persons with disabilities is an investment for an employer who utilizes Job Coach which can help to their bottom line and productivity.

What are the duties and process of Job Coach?
Job coach provides individualized on site support. Support provided may range from a few weeks to a few months depending on the support needed by each employee with disability. Supports include job matching, intensive individual support during initial stages at work and follow up when necessary.

Assessment of Person with Disabilities

Assessment of Workplace and Job Matching

Job Duty Analysis and Reconstruction

Systematic Instruction (intensive support)

Form Natural Support by colleagues

Fading and Follow Up

Systematic Instruction
Productivity is a big concern for every employer. However, when an employer is willing to change the way the work is organised, measures can be taken to ensure that the person with disability delivers work of good quality using a support service or support person who is better known as a Job Coach. The ‘Systematic Instruction’ is a scientific teaching method – a component within the Job Coach system that is designed to help both the employers and Persons with Disabilities by meeting their needs. In this component, the Job Coach is responsible to understand the work demands of the company and to design the work demands in a systematic manner in which the work can be taught to the PWD. The Job Coach does not only guide the PWD in making sure that the task is completed effectively but ensures that the PWD will continue to be able to perform the job without the absence of the Job Coach or the support person.

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