Ho Boon Hang

Ho Boon Hang, 29 years old, Learning disabilities

I have learning disabilities since I was born. It was very difficult to get a job in the open market for person with learning disabilities like me. I was unemployed for a long time and always stay at home only.

Having to stay inside the house all day, I felt very depressed and dejected and life seemed meaningless to me during that period.

In 2008, I decided not to be a burden to my family anymore. So, I asked my sister to help me to find job. My sister seeks help from Beautiful Gate Petaling Jaya Center. After looking for some jobs, Beautiful Gate Petaling Jaya Center was able to find a job placement for me in La Boheme Bakery, Jaya Jusco finally. Later, I started to work there and I am still working for them at present.

I was very happy and very grateful especially wanted to thank Beautiful Gate Petaling Jaya Center for assisting me to obtain a stable job in La Boheme Bakery, Jaya Jusco. I also wanted to express my heartfelt thanks to La Boheme Bakery, Jusco for believing my abilities and giving me this opportunity to work with them.

This job has encouraged me to learn to be independent and my family members and friends are glad with my developments. I am thankful for the job which has enabled me to obtain a considerable income to maintain my own livelihood and to lessen the financial burden on my family. Besides that, I learnt to be independent and to live the life that I have always dreamed of. Above all, I have regained confidence in life and found the joy of living.