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Pizza Hut Malaysia

Generally, many people assume that extra time will have to be spent training and supervising a person with a disability. However in reality there is no major difference between hiring PWDs and non-disabled people. Since the company started to employ

ELID Sdn Bhd

In Elid, we treat everybody equally notwithstanding their physical condition. Despite the challenges they face, employee with disabilities often perform equally or exceed the performance of their co-workers without disabilities. We have proven that employees with disabilities can improve workforce

Ho Boon Hang

Ho Boon Hang, 29 years old, Learning disabilities I have learning disabilities since I was born. It was very difficult to get a job in the open market for person with learning disabilities like me. I was unemployed for a

Lee Lee Hung

Lee Lee Hung, 31 years old, multiple disabilities Earlier when I was unemployed and always stay at home, I felt useless and had very low self-esteem. Since I came to Beautiful Gate and was introduced a home Inserting Invoices job,